To Summarise: 
Input: Imagination & Hard Work Niche: Sci-fi, Astronomy & Fantasy. Output: Photography, Digital & Wall Art 
More: What you're seeing is the output of a continuous journey. All the artwork here is predicated on Science Fiction, Astronomy & Fantasy and is the result of experimentation and refinement of digital art techniques... Of which I am always adding expertise to.
Candy Island Nebula
Star Dust
Princess Cosmos
Midnight Stroll
Collab with Auggie Velarde
Collab with Auggie Velarde
'BLOSS' used in @wearezanna launce event
WANDERDREAM Poster conversion
One of my earliest attempts on “composition”; you could call this lite-composition! Again I’m tapping into the idea of having Imaginary Friends & otherworldly creatures (in this case a cloud-floating whale) that we, even as adults, look up to for inspiration & hope . I thought this would make a cute poster with a suitable title so I put that on there too.
My 5th interpretation of what the world could look like if the sky wasn't blue. This started life out as a film photograph taken at Kew Gardens London of a palm tree. I then see that We Are Zanna were taking submissions for art work based on three colours Red, Gold or/and Black - so i set myself the challenge to only submit photos taken from that day (with Kodak Ektar 100) that had been colour graded red on photoshop; to follow the red theme (gold and black did not suit the photos). Dressed with stars taken from astrophotographs - the finishing touch was added!
I'm a big big BIG believer of actioning on dreams. I know; it's easier to sit back and daydream about what we want to accomplish or have – it feels nice and makes us smile. But what really is there to stop us LIVING most of what we imagine? Wouldn’t it feel even BETTER if we lived as if we are already in are dreams?
The design is of two cupped hands around star clusters to signify a spirit reaching deep into the universe to 'feel' their space, to 'feel' their lives.
I believe that ones imagination is the most powerful 'machine' in your body
Collaboration with positivity-emitter @op3n_your__mind who's mission is to show people that they matter
This was a result from an attempt make use of the UK's abundance of clouds! I now feel encouraged to explore the world above my head!
Ganesha, the 'remover of obstacles'
iPhone case using "WANDERDREAM"
Re-purposing on of my photographs into a CD cover mockup concept
New segue including the capture & manipulation of clouds
Earth Needs You - Digital Composite
Dreamscape composite
Foreclosures 4 - The Cloud People
Flight 22 - WEAREZANNA successful submission
Scirocco - unsuccessful submission
“HOME” temple dreamscape
@DREAMING.OF_MAKEUP wall hanging commission
Mountain Ocean Dreamscape
Beach Photography
I've collaborated with a wide bunch of other creatives & non-creatives on creative stuff! So if you want to explore an idea, fill in the form below and I will most definitely respond.
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